Car Accident

Car Accident

On June 5, 1995, a recumbent bicyclist on the Colonial Parkway was struck from behind by a York County school bus, which immediately killed him. The collision was unwitnessed, and the driver’s self-serving account was exculpatory. But Mr. Waterman brought the physical evidence to life to “witness” the actual collision dynamics and contradict the driver convincingly.

A professional engineer specializing in mechanical engineering and accident reconstruction inspected the accident scene, bus and bicycle; and recorded critical road and impact data. A licensed surveyor surveyed the entire scene, all collision debris and all road markings. A medical doctor specializing in biokinematics analyzed the bicyclist’s injuries vis-à-vis the bus’ impact. A doctor of physics specializing in accident reconstruction and computer animation inputted the foregoing data; calculated speeds, forces, etc.; and generated a three-dimensional depiction.

The following is the amazing computerized simulation of the death incident based on all of the information. Just click on the “arrow” to see what the victim’s experts opine happened. Not surprisingly, Mr. Waterman’s wrongful death suit in Federal Court settled confidentially shortly after this video was released to defense counsel.

[tlt_video type=”youtube” url=”” width=”500″]

Early in his law practice, Mr. Waterman worked for the defense of vehicle manufacturers. That honed his technical skills and litigation experience on vehicle cases. For well over two decades since then, he ably has represented numerous victims of vehicle accidents throughout Virginia.