4 Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Wreck

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As a car accident lawyer from a firm like Tuttle Law, P.A. can explain, the unexpected shock and trauma of a car accident can turn your world upside down. Not only do you have physical injuries that prevent you from returning to work, but the damage to your car might leave you feeling overwhelmed as well. Hiring an attorney to assist you with the aftermath of a car accident offers several benefits and may help you feel more secure about the future.

1. Peace of Mind 

Once you hire an attorney, he or she can represent you and your interests as you heal from your injuries. You can direct insurance adjusters and anyone else connected to the accident to your attorney, who can answer these questions while you focus on regaining your physical and mental well-being. Your attorney can also represent you in court if your case goes to trial, which is especially helpful if you are still recovering from your injuries and have trouble with mobility. 

2. Assistance With Documents 

If you believe your injuries and the ensuing property damage are the fault of the other driver, you will likely carry the burden of proof during a lawsuit. Documentation can help with this, and your attorney will not only know what kind of documents can support your case but will also be able to collect them on your behalf. This includes police reports, witness statements and documentation from your insurance company. Your attorney can also correspond with authorities, the other driver’s lawyer, and insurance representatives with efficiency while asking the right questions to move your case forward. 

3. Fewer Errors 

Making legal errors during a car accident claim can cost you both time and money. For example, many states have a statute of limitations when it comes to filing a lawsuit, and an attorney can explain the laws in your state so you file the correct information on time. He or she can also ensure that all documents are signed correctly, as missing signatures can delay a court case. 

4. Assistance With Settlement Offers 

After a car wreck, the other driver’s insurance company may offer you a settlement to avoid a court case. Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand whether a settlement is fair or how much your case is really worth. An attorney can calculate a dollar amount for your injuries and property damage and advise you on whether the settlement amount is fair. 

While a car accident can turn your life upside down, you don’t have to face the future or make important decisions on your own. Contact an attorney today for a consultation and for further assistance.