Williamsburg 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer

Semi-trucks, or 18-wheelers, are an essential part of our industrialized economy, traveling nationwide to ensure we have the goods and services we need. However, sharing the road with these monstrous vehicles may be dangerous, especially if drivers are not exercising an adequate duty of care behind the wheel. If you have been harmed due to a negligent 18-wheeler driver or trucking company, you may be eligible to pursue compensatory damages for the physical, emotional, or financial losses you have sustained due to their wrongful actions.

At Waterman Law Centers, we have over 40 years of experience fighting for victims affected by truck driver negligence, earning 2022 Metropolitan Tier 1 Ranking in U.S. News Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms,” among other prestigious awards. Our Williamsburg truck accident attorneys understand the lasting effect of 18-wheeler truck accident injuries and fight for the compensation you deserve. With millions recovered, we are well-versed in navigating your claim to bolster your chances of success.

How the 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer in Williamsburg, VA Can Help With Your Claim

Despite the increase in truck industry regulations, over 4,900 victims suffered a truck accident fatality in 2020. Due to the size and significant weight of these types of vehicles, over 70% of accident fatalities affect passengers of other vehicles, followed by 17% of truck drivers. This is often caused by trucking companies overworking drivers to maximize their profits or inadequately maintaining vehicles according to regulations.

The experienced Williamsburg 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer at Waterman Law Centers is well-versed in the complexities of truck accident claims and understands how to go up against large trucking companies.

Retaining a skilled truck accident lawyer in Williamsburg can help your claim in the following ways:

  • We have the resources to conduct an extensive investigation into your accident to determine the multiple parties that may be liable for the severe injuries sustained in your 18-wheeler accident
  • We handle negotiations and communications with multiple insurance companies that may be involved and advocate fiercely on your behalf
  • We understand the complex trucking laws and regulations that may affect your claim and anticipate and mitigate challenges and obstacles in the way of a successful outcome
  • We fight for the complete present and future compensation you deserve for the severity of your injuries
  • We offer experienced legal guidance throughout the entirety of the claims process to help bolster your chances of success and explain the most favorable legal options

At Waterman Law Centers, we have secured millions of dollars for 18-wheeler truck accident victims affected by negligence and are determined to help you build a robust claim so you may recover the complete compensation you deserve. Contact our Williamsburg 18-wheeler truck accident attorney to get started with your case.

Liability in a Williamsburg 18-Wheeler Truck Accident

Determining liability in a Williamsburg 18-wheeler truck accident may be challenging without the experienced guidance of a truck accident lawyer. With the help of Waterman Law Centers, you may have the resources to conduct a comprehensive investigation into your accident and demonstrate negligence on the behalf of the following parties:

  • 18-wheeler driver: Negligent behaviors, such as distracted driving, driving under the influence, speeding, or fatigued driving may all indicate driver liability
  • The trucking company: Truck companies may be held liable for the actions of their employees. Negligence may include improper training, screening, or other violations of state and federal trucking laws.
  • Parts manufacturer or repair shop: Manufacturers or repair shops may be held liable for defective parts or inadequate repairs that contribute to the accident.
  • Truck loading companies: Unsafe loading practices may cause accidents by affecting the braking system, tires, or cause other safety issues when transporting goods.
  • Government entity: Government municipalities may be held responsible for damages if there is evidence that they failed to maintain safe road conditions that contributed to the accident

There are other parties that may be found to be liable for compensatory damages in an 18-wheeler truck accident. With the help of a skilled Williamsburg truck accident lawyer, you may prove elements of negligence that directly contributed to the injuries you have sustained due to their lack of duty of care.

Damages Awarded in a Successful Williamsburg 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Claim

Damages sustained in an 18-wheeler accident may be debilitating and lasting due to the intense weight, size, and impact of such a large vehicle collision. Present and future life-altering injuries may result in mounting medical bills and other losses.

With the help of an experienced Williamsburg 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer, you may be able to recover the following compensatory damages:

  • Medical bills due to hospitalization, surgeries, medication management, and medical devices
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Psychiatric medical care
  • In-home care
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability, scarring, or disfigurement

With the help of a Williamsburg 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer, you may be able to recover the complete compensation you deserve for present and future losses so that you may attain a full recovery and justice you deserve.

Speak With an Experienced 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Attorney in Williamsburg, VA

18-wheeler truck accidents may result in lifetime injuries and suffering. Retain an experienced lawyer at Waterman Law Centers to handle every aspect of your case, from investigation to building your claim, so you may solely focus on your recovery. We fight for the maximum compensation you are worth and aggressively advocate on your behalf, so you obtain the closure you deserve.

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