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Medical Malpractice Lawyer Williamsburg, VA


Medical Malpractice Lawyer Williamsburg, VAOne of the most alarming things is when a medical procedure goes wrong. You often trust your doctor and other medical professionals with taking your best interests to heart and being capable of caring for you. This is why it is so important to hire an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Williamsburg, VA from Waterman Law Centers, PLLC, immediately if you or someone you love is injured or becomes sick due to the mistake of a medical professional.


What Kind of Issues Does a Medical Malpractice Attorney Help With?

There is a wide range of things a medical malpractice attorney could assist with. Some of the most common include:

  • Birth injuries
  • Mistakes made during surgery
  • Misdiagnosing something another doctor would have noticed
  • A doctor ignoring something that turns out to be a serious health condition
  • Errors made in treating an illness
  • Prescription medication errors
  • + More

Your lawyer will be able to look at every angle of your case and determine what you may be entitled to. You should never feel unsafe or uneasy when going to a medical professional. It is important that they are always held to the highest standard of care so that others can be protected as well. By taking someone to court because of a bad mistake, you may also be helping another person avoid being the victim of their negligence.


Why Do I Need a Lawyer on My Side?

First, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means we will only collect payment in the event you win your case. We will create a contract with you so that you know ahead of time what percentage of your recovery we would take if you win your case. Second, we offer free consultations, so you can make sure you want to work with us and that we can come up with an agreement we are both happy with. Thus, there is no risk in working with a skilled medical malpractice attorney.

It is important to retain representation because our medical malpractice lawyers have worked in the field for years. We know the ins and outs of medical malpractice law and will ensure deadlines are met and that we create a solid argument for your case. We will take care of all of the paperwork and logistics so you can focus on healing and making a full recovery.


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We would be happy to go over the details of your case and fight for you to get compensated for any mistakes a medical professional made for your treatment. You deserve to go to the doctor with a reasonable expectation of care, which is that you will not be made worse by someone who is supposed to help heal you. Contact Waterman Law Centers, PLLC today to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced medical malpractice attorneys. We can explain your different options and help you figure out the best course of action for your unique case.

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Avery T. “Sandy” Waterman, Jr.