MVA Statements

For 20+ years, Mr. Waterman has spearheaded the legal battle to obtain for accident victims the recorded statements, reports, etc. of parties and witnesses taken by auto liability insurers and Defendant companies. His tenacity has shifted the weight of Court rulings from being defense-oriented to favoring Plaintiff victims of motor vehicle accidents (“MVA”) and other incidents.

Obviously, being able to hold Defendants and other witnesses to their original candid contemporaneous MVA statements can be invaluable. Hence Defendants and the insurers resist.

Mr. Waterman permits other Plaintiff personal injury lawyers across Virginia to use his lengthy persuasive legal brief, which includes the largest aggregation of favorable rulings. He himself has been so successful in obtaining MVA statements in Court, that for the past decade auto insurers and Defendants voluntarily have been giving Mr. Waterman their MVA statements to avoid him winning more published Court rulings (while they still resist and fight other lawyers over the same MVA statements).

MVA Statements scaled