Virginia: Brain Injury – a Lawyer’s Cross-Examination

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Trial is the monthly magazine of the American Association for Justice (“AAJ”), formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association (“ATLA”), of which Mr. Waterman has been a member for decades. The cover of its April, 2012 issue headlines “DAMAGES: WORKING TOWARD MAKING YOUR CLIENTS WHOLE”.

The lead article is “Rethink Cross-Exams in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases”. Id. at 16-20. Its teaching coincides with Mr. Waterman’s experience in Gagnon v. Burns, No. CL08-572 in Circuit Court for Gloucester County, Virginia.

Another article is “Illuminate Damages with a Video Settlement Brochure”. Id. at 26-29. Mr. Waterman recently used such a video to obtain a Virginia recording-setting settlement at mediation of a medical malpractice case.

“Dealing with Low Ceilings” is another Trial article. Id. at 30-34. Mr. Waterman faces such a damages “cap” – roughly $2,000,000.00 – in all Virginia medical malpractice cases.

“Recovery for Damaged Credit” is a fourth damages article. Id. at 22-25. It may be applicable in wrongful death as well as personal injury cases.