Virginia: Brain Injury – a Lawyer’s Rehearing

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On November 9, 2010, Circuit Court for Gloucester County, Virginia, heard the brain injury case of Gagnon v. Burns, No. CL08-572. The judge tentatively refrained from entering a Judgment Order to await hearing of Plaintiff’s pending motions for relief from automatic stays enjoyed by the pro se Defendants, James S. Newsome, Jr. and Christine D. Newsome, filing for Bankruptcy protection. If the stays are lifted as expected in December, Ms. Newsome will have to post a bond of $750,000.00 to appeal, while Mr. Newsome faces an appeal bond of $4,000,000.00.

Meanwhile the Court approved a $1,700,000.00 cash bond being posted by Virginia Municipal Liability Pool, which insures Assistant Principal Travis Burns for $6,000,000.00. The Court also entered Orders from hearing in the brain injury suit on June 22, July 15, and August 12, 2010.