Virginia: Brain Injury – a Lawyer’s Reply

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On December 5, 2011, Mr. Waterman filed Reply Brief in Gagnon v. Burns, No. 110767 c/w Burns v. Gagnon, No. 110754, in the Virginia Supreme Court at Richmond, Virginia. Those consolidated brain injury appeals raise issues of liability and damages on his $6,100,000.00 jury verdict in Circuit Court for Gloucester County, Virginia.

“We review matters of law de novo,” Banks v. Mario Indus. of Va., Inc., 274 Va. 438, 451 (2007); cites the crime victim in support of his appellate claim for joint and several liability in Gagnon v. Burns. “[C]ourts have the duty to correct a verdict that plainly appears to be unfair or would result in a miscarriage of justice”. Norfolk Bev. Co., Inc. v. Cho, 259 Va. 348, 353 (2000).