Virginia: Car Accidents – A Lawyer’s T-T

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The September 2019 issue of Trial features 4 auto accident cases in “Verdict & SETTLEMNTS”. “Negligent operation of tractor-trailer leads to rear-end collision” highlights a $15,000,000.00 2019 Connecticut jury award. Id. at 12. “Negligent left turn” reports a $4,400,000.00 2018 California jury award to a victim scooter operator. Id. “Improper lookout” marquees a $27,000,000.00 jury award to a victim motorcyclist hit by a tractor-trailer. Id. at 12, 14. “Failure to fix latch on school bus emergency exit door” chronicles a $1,890,000.00 2019 Texas jury award to a victim schoolchild passenger. Id. at 14, 16.

September 2019 Trial also features a medical malpractice article, “BIRTH ASPHYXIA CASES: The Impact of Cooling”. Id. at 48-52. “Therapeutic hypothermia is an increasingly common treatment when a newborn has been deprived of oxygen during the birth process. But cooling can impact brain imaging results, and children with normal imaging may still experience cognitive, memory, and behavioral issues.” Id. at 48. Birth asphyxia is also known as neonatal encephalopathy and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (“HIE”). Id. at 49. “Though cooling may decrease the rate of cerebral palsy, babies who have been cooled are often diagnosed with other disabilities during their toddler and elementary school years.” Id. at 50.

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