Virginia Circuit Court: Contempt – a Lawyer’s Order

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On December 10, 2009, the Chief Judge of Hampton Circuit Court entered Contempt Order against Ricky E. Carr after supplemental hearing for reconsideration at his request. In the special case of Carr v. Carr, No. 05-378, Mr. Carr was ordered to pay in full arrearages of $40,318.85 by February 26, 2010, under penalty of serving 10 days in jail, being fined $250.00, and still having to pay his arrearages.

The week before hearing in Carr, Mr. Carr interposed the following in a vain attempt to avoid entry of the Order: Notice to Strike, Amended Notice to Strike, two Motions to Quash, and Notice and Motion to Show Cause. Moreover, at hearing of his special case, Mr. Carr unsuccessfully sought to claim credit for $24,000.00 of attorney fees that he actually had not paid!