Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s HR1215

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Under the public’s radar, President Donald Trump is pushing H.R.1215, a medical malpractice and product liability bill that strips U.S. citizens of their rights. Trump’s “tort reform” limits the time to file suit, limits non-economic [pain, suffering, inconvenience, etc.] damages awards, limits recovery against defendants (eliminates joint liability of defendants), limits attorneys fees, delays payment of future damages awards, and eliminates the collateral source rule!

On June 15, 2017, House Republicans postponed a scheduled floor note on wretched H.R. 1215. Ostensibly it was pulled because some conservatives opposed imposing federal standards on states, per Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows (R-NC) – but some insides say that the Republicans simply do not have the votes to pass this unfair medical malpractice legislation.

Contact your federal Representative today, urging him or her to vote against inequitable H.R.1215. Every contact and vote counts!