Virginia: Medical Malpractice – A Lawyer’s Refiling

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By opinion letter on January 18, 2017, Alexandria Circuit Court rejected the old “same evidence” test and applied the current successor “same transaction or occurrence” test to the enhanced medical malpractice Complaint refiled by Plaintiff after nonsuit in Panth v. Ashouripour, No. CL16002520. The new Complaint therein – effectively, an amended complaint – added 4 new paragraphs of allegations. Id. at 2.

Panth denied Defendants’ Plea in Bar. In so doing, it cited Law v. PHC – Martinsville, Inc., 89 Va. Cir. 231, 232 (Martinsville Oct. 2, 2014); Thomas v. Lipscomb, 37 Va. Cir. 301 (Washington Oct. 27, 1995); Schur v. Zackrison, 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 16532 (E.D. VA. 2015); and Dunston v. Huang, 709 F. Supp. 2d 414 (E.D. VA. 2010). Id.