Virginia Medical Malpractice Cases – a Lawyer’s $2,600,000.00 Patient Falls

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On December 26, 2008, The Daily Press featured medical malpractice cases of Avery T. “Sandy” Waterman, Jr., Esq., including three patient fall cases settled for $2,600,000.00 in 2008. The article is “Attorney fights to get the facts on patient care in hospitals,” subtitled “He contends most institutions keep ‘double books’ that can conceal details about injuries”. It covers Mr. Waterman’s landmark medical malpractice case decided by the Virginia Supreme Court, Riverside Hospital, Inc v. Johnson, 272 Va. 518 (2006) . That decision mandated healthcare institutions provide patients their factual medical records, including particularly incident reports and electronic databases. But Riverside and other institutions continue to resist Johnson and attempt to overturn it legislatively through their activist trade association, Virginia Hospitals & Healthcare Association. To date, however, their attempts to “couch” factual patient medical records as confidential have been unsuccessful in Newport News Circuit Court. The article recounted Mr. Waterman’s courtroom successes in compelling healthcare institutions, including most notably a facility that withheld over 700 pages of factual patient care records.