Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s Pre-Trial

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On March 24, 2011, various pre-trial motions again were heard in Circuit Court for York County and the Town of Poquoson, Virginia, in the medical malpractice suit of Marshall v. Moniz, No. CL08-2018. The case goes to jury trial at the Yorktown Courthouse during March 28-April 7, 2011.

The Marshall Court denied Defendants’ Motion to Strike Claim based on Surgery for Lack of Causation. Defendants wanted to keep from the jury evidence supporting the medical malpractice allegation that in the face of patient complaints Defendants delayed in seeing and operating on Plaintiff; but the Court ruled Plaintiff was entitled to present that evidence.

The Court in Marshall also denied Defendants’ Motion to Quash Rule 4:5(b)(6) Trial Subpoena of Williamsburg Surgery, P.C. Defendants tried to prohibit Plaintiff from calling corporate Defendant in person at trial through its most knowledgeable persons previously designated in deposition, but the Court ruled that Williamsburg Surgery, P.C. must honor the subpoena and testify at the medical malpractice trial through its representatives.

Additionally, the Court denied Defendants’ Motion to Reduce Plaintiff’s ad damnum. Defendants unsuccessfully attempted to limit the patients’ medical malpractice suit to $1,850,000.00 instead of the $12,000,000.00 he claimed, but the Court ruled Plaintiff was entitled to maintain and argue for the full amount pleaded in his lawsuit.

Further, the Court granted Defendants’ Motion in Limine concerning Neurology Testimony by Dr. Swartz and Dr. Morgan. That means in the Marshall medical malpractice suit Plaintiff’s general surgeons will not be allowed to corroborate Plaintiff and his neurologist that the patient’s protracted hospitalization and its incidents caused his permanent painful disabling peripheral neuropathy, despite Sr. Swartz and Dr. Morgan having knowledge of and experience with other surgical patients sustaining substantially similar neuropathy from the same cause.