Virginia: Nursing Homes – a Lawyer’s Sores

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On December 21, 2018, Circuit Court for the City of Winchester, Virginia, ordered the following extensive written discovery against Defendant nursing home in the medical malpractice case for wrongful death of Bunting v. Pinnacle Services Winchester, Inc., No. CL18-62:

A. Incident report, id. at 1;

B. Nurses statements taken within month of resident patient death, id. at 1;

C. Prior incidents relative to pressure wounds or staffing complaints for 1 year pre-death, id. at 1-2;

D. Resident patient caretakers’ personnel files, including applications, licensing, background checks, training, in-service, disciplinary information regarding patient care, and job descriptions, id. at 2;

E. Policies and procedures in effect during the resident patient’s care for, id.:

  1. Skin breakdown or pressure prevention and staging;
  1. Nutrition, weight loss, eating assistance and hygiene;
  1. Reporting changes of condition to MD or family;
  1. Turning and repositioning use of pressure reducing mattresses;
  1. Nursing procedure manual service or care planning;
  1. Observing, documenting and reporting a resident’s condition;
  1. Admission and discharge; and
  1. Guidelines/protocols to determine proper levels of staffing; and

F. Census reports. Id. at 3.

Bunting is a pressure sores death case.

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