Virginia: Patient Falls- a Lawyer’s Drop

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Williamsburg Landing’s charting about the injurious fall suffered by its victim resident patient, Harriet Clymer, is conspicuously spare. But the undated uncharted letter of its Director of Nursing at Woodhaven Hall, Troy Crocker, RN, fesses up: “there was miscommunication in executing the transfer with 2 CNAs,” whereby the resident patient sustained a “broken femur” in July, 2017, that still hobbles her today. As CNA Millie Headrick admitted in her contemporaneous uncharted handwritten statement for Williamsburg Landing: “I thought [the other CNA, Rosa Paira] was ready for the transfer, but apparently [she] wasn’t.”

Medical malpractice suit for personal injuries has been filed against the nursing home, Clymer v. Williamsburg Landing, Inc., No. CL18000780-00 in Circuit Court for Gloucester County, Virginia, where one of the two CNAs involved resides. Clymer underscores that healthcare providers simply do not report all important facts in their patient charts – often, systematically – and that patient access per Va. Code §8.01-413 to telltale factual records segregated and secreted by healthcare providers is indispensable to truth and justice. Williamsburg Landing also currently is Defendant in another patient fall lawsuit for medical malpractice filed by Mr. Waterman in Williamsburg, Scruggs v. Williamsburg Landing, Inc., No. CL17000857-00, an alleged wrongful death case. His law firm represents the victims in both cases.