Virginia: Patient Falls – a Lawyer’s Depositions

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The deposition videotape of Patricia [Hoadley] Williams, Midas System Manager (formerly QMS Coordinator) for Defendant, Riverside Hospital, Inc., was taken on October 29, 2008. Hers is the third of 22 to be run on Mr. Waterman’s website from his patient fall jury trial, Shirley Frazier Burrell v. Riverside Hospital, Inc., et al., No. CL1101633F in Circuit Court for the City of Newport News, Virginia.

In the Burrell brain injury lawsuit, Ms. Williams delineated the computerized incident reporting systems of Defendant, Riverside Hospital, Inc.: in its Quality Management System (“QMS”), data is input from paper incident reports; while in its newer Midas system operational since January, 2006, “witnesses” enter incident information directly into the database remotely from computer terminals anywhere, id. at 12-14 and 18-19; which Ms. Williams can and does revise ex post facto. Id. at 21-22 and 25. She also testified about Riverside Dep. Ex. 2, QMS Transaction Summary Report, id. at 8; Riverside Dep. Ex. 3, Midas System Printouts, id. at 10-11; and Riverside Dep. Ex. 4, Ames Dep. Ex. 6, Fall Quality Care Control Report (“QCCR”). Id. at 34.