Virginia Patient Falls – a Lawyer’s Expert Authority

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On November 27, 2008, The Daily Press featured authority about patient falls in Virginia. That expert authority on medical malpractice was introduced by Avery T. “Sandy” Waterman, Jr., Esq., who has obtained a record verdict and record settlements in Virginia patient fall cases. Per The Daily Press, over 20 years, published reliable expert authority has emphasized the following.

“A review of fall literature confirms that various researchers have identified risk factors (measurable patient characteristics, medical or nursing diagnoses) that have a potential to predict falls in elderly population, thus suggesting preventability. Falls are one of the most common reasons that nurses…and hospitals are sued for medical negligence. Many falls are predictable and should not be considered to be an expected sequela of the aging process. Hospitalization can pose a major risk for older persons….”

“Falls are a common problem and nurse should be aware of patients who many fall. Various safety precautions can be taken to prevent falls.”

“Older adults…are a high-risk group for falls with resulting injuries. More aggressive measures seemed necessary to prevent further patient fallsThese measures included additional patient safely devices [such as ‘bed alert’ systems], more stringent staff education in patient fall prevention, and the development of a written protocol of nursing intervention levels….”