Virginia: Patient Falls – a Lawyer’s Videotapes

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The deposition videotape of Christopher Stolle, M.D., Vice-President of Medical Affairs at Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, Virginia, taken on February 26, 2009, is the first of 22 deposition videotapes to be posted on Mr. Waterman’s website from Shirley Frazier Burrell v. Riverside Hospital, Inc., et al., No. CL1101633F in the Circuit Court for the City of Newport News, Virginia. If Riverside Hospital, Inc. appeals the $3,500,000.00 brain injury verdict against it, VP/Dr. Stolle’s trial testimony transcript should be available by Spring for supplemental posting along with Plaintiff’s Trial Exhibit 30.

On November 27, 2012, the medical malpractice victim called VP/Dr. Stolle as an early case-in-chief fact witness at jury trial in Burrell. Notably, VP/Dr. Stolle testified about certain Riverside record-keeping re factual information of patient care not included expressly in its patient chart; and through him, the Burrell victim introduced into evidence Plaintiff’s Exhibit No. 30, the internal computer database printout of Riverside Hospital, Inc. that stated inter alia its high unto extreme fall risk patient’s mental status was “very confused”.