Virginia: Product Liability – a Lawyer’s Pharmaceuticals

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The Winter 2015 issue of The Trial Lawyer, the National Trial Lawyer’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers’ quarterly magazine, features 6 stories on special cases of produce liability – 3 about pharmaceutical manufacturers, 1 about power morcellators, 1 about electronic cigarettes, and 1 about chemicals. They are: “FDA Warns: Morcellation Spreads Cancer,” id. at 22; “E-Cigarettes Produce 10 Times More Carcinogens Than Traditional Tobacco,” id. at 23; “Debilitating Side Effects Reported By Patients Of Xolair,” id. at 23-24; “DuPont Leak Adds To The Company’s Harmful And Deadly Past,” id. at 25; “ARE WE BIG PHARMA’S GUINEA PIGS?,” subheaded Darvon and Darvocet, Meridia, Vioxx, Trovan, Propulsid, Seldane and Hismanal, and Baycol, id. at 26-30; and “DEADLY BLOCKBUSTER ASTHMA DRUGS DIRECTLY MARKETED TO KIDS,” covering Merck’s Singulair. Id. at 34-37.