Virginia: Sexual Abuse – a Lawyer’s Verdict

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The July 2012 issue of Trial reports a favorable verdict entitled “CLERGY NEGLIGENCE: Archdiocese Fails to Protect Student from Abusive Priest”. The jury awarded $1,000,000.00 for the sexual abuse victim’s “post-traumatic stress, depression, and other psychological problems”. Id. at 10.

Over a 2-year period, a Roman Catholic priest allegedly molested the crime victim 21 times. The priest’s archdiocese – a corporation! – was found “negligence and reckless” because it allegedly “failed to supervise [the priest], prevent his access to children, and warn of his history of pedophilia despite a previous sexual abuse complaint against him at another assignment.” Id.

Trial is the monthly magazine of American Association Justice (“AAJ”),, formerly known as the American Trial Lawyer’s Association (“ATLA”). Mr. Waterman has been a member of AAJ for decades, and has represented sexual abuse and other crime victims.