Virginia: Special Cases – a Lawyer’s Malpractice

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Trial is the monthly magazine for American Association for Justice (“AAJ”), formerly American Trial Lawyers Association (“ATLA”). Its issue for December, 2014, is entitled “Civil Rights”.

December Trial’s 4 lead articles are: “Tips for Representing LGBT Clients,” subheaded “Sensitivity and knowledge are key to advocating for clients who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender,” id. at 14-18. “DEFEATING IMMUNITY DEFENSES,” subheaded “Immunity defenses invoked in police misconduct cases pose challenges for plaintiffs, but they can be overcome with the proper research and planning,” id. at 20-26; “Disability Redefined Under the ADA Amendments Act,” subheaded “The passage of this law was a game changer for plaintiffs with impairments or medical conditions,” id. at 28-32; and “MEDICAL CARE BEHIND BARS,” subheaded “cases brought by prison inmates for inadequate medical care are a complex mix of constitutional rights, medical malpractice, and administrative remedies”. Id. at 34-40.

Trial in December also reported 6 major cases in its “Verdicts & Settlements”: $27,000,000.00 Texas jury verdict for 2 deaths for premises liability in “Jury Holds McDonald’s Accountable for Lax Security Leading to Death,” id. at 8; $6,340,000.00 California jury verdict for government liability in “Unsafe Driving by Border Patrol Agent,” id. at 8-9; $14,000,000.00 California settlement for school liability in “Sexual Abuse of Students,” id. at 10; $1,920,000.00 Texas jury award for workplace liability in “Pipefitter Falls through Defective Scaffolding,” id. at 10, 12; $2,700,000.00 Michigan jury verdict for construction liability in “Highway Contractor Created Public Nuisance, Leading to Biker’s Death,” id. at 12; and $435,000.00 Washington jury verdict for pet liability in “Failure to Control Pit Bull”. Id. at 12.

Mr. Waterman has been an AAJ/ATLA member for over two decades. His practice focuses on vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and other wrongful deaths, brain injuries, and other serious personal injuries.