Virginia: Car Accident – a Lawyer’s Service

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On July 9, 2009, Rayford Lavaughn Parrott of Williamsburg, Virginia, followed too closely and rear-ended Lottie V. Merritt-Lewis in a car crash on Lafayette Street, knocking her car over a curb, through bushes, and into a parked car. During the following 2 years, the victim incurred medical expenses of more than $34,000.00 plus over $1,500.00 in lost wages.

Nonetheless, despite having $100,000.00 in automobile insurance coverage for the offending motorist, Progressive offered the victim only $5,800.00 in compensation for her medical expenses, loss wages, and other personal injury damages arising out of the car collision. Hence on April 24, 2012, Mr. Waterman effected service of process on the Defendant in Lottie V. Merritt-Lewis v. Rayford L. Parrott, No. 830CL11000575-00 in Circuit Court for the City of Williamsburg and James City County, Virginia.