Virginia: Car Accidents – a Lawyer’s Forklift

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Trial is the monthly law journal of the American Association for Justice (“AAJ”), formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association (“ATLA”).  Its issue for January, 2018 is dedicated to “Keeping Our Kids Safe”.

This Trial’s 5 lead articles include “Fumbling Preventable Brain Injuries,” id. at 34-39, “Blind Spots in Booster Seats,” concerning product liability cases arising from auto accidents, id. at 40-45; and “Cyberbullying From Schoolhouse to Courthouse”.  Id. at 20-25.  Its “safety first” insert highlights all-terrain vehicle (“ATV”) accidents and deaths.  Id. at 42-43.

“Verdicts & SETTLEMENTS” in January 2018 Trial reports 3 major vehicle accident cases.  “Forklift driver backed into security guard leading to leg amputation” is a $16,950,000.00 2017 California jury verdict, id. at 10; “Failure to control glass load” involving a colliding crane and scissor lift is $16,640,000.00 2017 Texas jury verdict, id. at 10-11; and “Dust cloud from orchard leads to vehicle collision” is $2,250,000.00 2017 California wrongful death settlement.  Id. at 12, 14.

Mr. Waterman has been a member of AAJ/ATLA over three decades.  His litigation law practice focuses on vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and other wrongful death and serious personal injuries.