Virginia: Vehicle Accidents – A Lawyer’s Pickup

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July 2020 Trial features 5 vehicle cases in its “Verdicts & SETTLEMENTS”. Id. at 12-16. “Improper placement of crosswalk” is $6,500,000.00 2019 jury award in Washington against the local city to a skateboarder struck by a pickup truck. Id. at 12, 14. “Failure to activate police lights, siren” reports a $1,200,000.00 2020 jury verdict in Michigan against the defendant deputy and county for a two-car collision. Id. at 14. “Negligent passing leads to fatal head-on crash” marquees a $13,000,000.00 2019 jury verdict in Florida. Id. at 16. “Failing to check blood sugar before driving” highlights an $11,350,000.00 2020 settlement in Illinois with the defendant diabetic motorist. Id. “Improper lookout” chronicles a $5,500,000.00 2019 jury award in Alabama against a tractor-trailer employer. Id.

Trial is the monthly legal journal of the American Association for Justice (“AAJ”), formerly American Trial Lawyers Association (“ATLA”). Its July 2020 issue is emblazoned “Equality and Accountability”.

Mr. Waterman has been an AAJ/ATLA member for more than 30 years. His law practice focuses on vehicle crashes, medical malpractice, and other cases of wrongful death and personal injury. Call him with your case!