Virginia: Car Accidents – a Lawyer’s Truck (March 27, 2015)

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Trial is the monthly journal of the American Association of Justice (“AAJ”), formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association (“ATLA”). Its issue for March, 2015, is entitled “FORTIFY your practice”.

March 2015 Trial reports 8 cases in its “Verdicts & Settlements”. Id. at 8-14. “Negligent Truck Maintenance Leads to Fatal Fire” covers a 2014 $3,520,000.00 jury award in California. Id. at 8.

Two intentional tort cases of sexual assault and battery were reported. “Massage Therapist Commits Sexual Battery” is a 2014 Florida $47,420,000.00 jury award, id. at 10, 12; and “Sexual Assault in School” is a 2014 Florida $5,250,000 jury award. Id. at 14.

The special case of product liability for smoke alarms is featured in this Trial’s article “WHERE THERE IS SMOKE”. Id. at 48-54. “The ionization smoke alarm may not respond to a smoldering fire, even when a room is filled with toxic smoke.” Id. at 50.

“Most home smoke alarms are inherently defective because they are terrible at detecting smoke,” marquees Trial. “Manufacturers have failed to warn about or remedy the defect for decades.” Id. at 49.

Mr. Waterman has been a member of AAJ/ATLA for over two decades. He handles vehicle accidents, sexual victims, medical malpractice, and other cases of wrongful death, brain injuries, and other personal injuries.