Virginia Car Accidents – a Lawyer’s Advice

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What really happens in a vehicle accident should govern case outcome. But too often liability and/or damages for personal injuries in Virginia actually are affected by what happens after the accident.

For example, aggressive claims adjusters can shape accident accounts for posterity, settle cases for paltry quick money, etc. Victims needlessly can lose valuable case evidence, suffer lapses in medical treatment, etc.

So I advise all personal injury clients, especially vehicle accident victims:

1. Immediately notify authorities about the accident and the wrongdoer;

2. Do not decline medical attention offered at the accident scene;

3. Comply with all medical prescriptions, restrictions, and follow-up;

4. Do not discuss the accident with the wrongdoer’s insurer or investigator;

5. Cooperate with your personal insurance company representatives;

6. Photograph physical injuries, property damage, and accident scene;

7. Write down what happened in the accident and what problems you are having;

8. Do not sign any agreement or accept any check;

9. Save all receipts and other documents; and

10. Contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case.