Virginia: Car Accidents – a Lawyer’s Statements (March 2, 2014)

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This past week AlfaVision as Defendant’s $25,000.00 liability insurer and Nationwide as Defendant’s $300,000.00/1,000,000.00 UIM/umbrella insurer produced Mr. Waterman the transcriptions and tape recordings of their contemporaneous insurer witness statements. The insurers had claimed their witness statements were “privileged” work product, and they imminently faced hearing on his Motions to Compel and for Sanctions in the multi-car crash case of Paul R. Lamont v. Collin Striggles, No. CL1301322V-04 in Circuit Court for the City of Newport News, Virginia.

Notably, after objecting initially, Nationwide in Lamont also produced Mr. Waterman for free its CD of all medical records obtained for it by Litigation Solutions, L.L.C. In other cases across Virginia, Nationwide continues to demand Plaintiffs pay Litigation Solution, L.L.C. for its Subpoena responses; but in 2013 Mr. Waterman obtained an Order from the Circuit Court for Gloucester County, Virginia, requiring Nationwide to produce him all such Subpoena response medical records directly.