Virginia: Car Accidents – a Lawyer’s Stroke

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Trial is the monthly journal of the American Association for Justice (“AAJ”), formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association (“ATLA”). Its issue for January, 2015, features “PRESENT THE WHOLE PICTURE IN STROKE CASES,” sub-headed “Neuroimaging, experts, and detailed chronologies are crucial to showing the jury that every second counts in stroke prevention and treatment.” Id. at 16-21.

That Trial article chronicles that debilitating unto fatal strokes can be caused inter alia by vehicle crash injuries, by defective pharmaceutical drugs, and/or by medical malpractice (such as by medication usage or treatment delays). Id. at 16, 18-19. “The most common warning signs of stroke include the sudden onset of facial drooping, numbness and/or weakness of one side of the body (particularly an arm), slurred or babbled speech, dizziness, loss of or doubled vision, or severe headaches.” Id. at 18.

The January 2015 Trial also features “Vetting PRODUCT LIABILITY Cases”. Id. at 48-53. “In drug and medical device cases in particular, it is important to evaluate general causation by looking at the strength of the medical literature discussing the association between the product and the injuries it causes.” Id. at 50.

Additionally, Trial reported 10 cases in its January “Verdicts & Settlements,” id. at 8-14: (1) “Gas Company Worker Fails to Check Line, Resulting Explosion,” $19,800,000.00 California jury award, id. at 8; (2) “Negligent Maintenance Leads to Fatal Helicopter Crash,” $16,000,000 Nevada jury award, id. at 8, 10; (3) “Excessive Force,” $2,580,000.00 Florida jury award, id. at 10; (4) “Sexual Assault,” $35,000,000.00 Vermont jury award, id. at 10, 12; (5) “Overservice of Alcohol,” $11,700,000.00 Florida jury award, id. at 12; (6) “Failure to Warn of Leaky Gas Pump,” $420,000.00 Oklahoma jury award, id. at 12; (7) “Employees Failed to Clean Grease, Leading to Patron’s Fall,” $1,500,000.00 California settlement, id. at 12; (8) “Shop Class Student Suffers Degloving Injury From Dangerous Sander,” $3,840,000.00 California jury award, id. at 13; (9) “Elevator Worker’s Hand Crushed When Safety Stop Malfunctions,” $1,000,000.00 Florida settlement, id. at 13-14; and (10) “Handyman Falls Through Wall Opening During Renovation Project,” $1,500,000.00 New Jersey settlement. Id. at 14.

Mr. Waterman has been a member of AAJ/ATLA over two decades. His practice focuses on vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and other cases of wrongful death, brain injury, and other serious personal injuries.