Virginia: West Virginia Unconstitutionality – a Lawyer’s Dissent

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Kudos to the Honorable Ronald E. Wilson, Judge of the 1st Judicial Circuit, sitting as temporary Justice on the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia! On July 21, 2011, he authored a most courageous cogent dissent in the medical malpractice case of MacDonald v. City Hospital, Inc., No. 35543.

Judge/Justice Wilson in MacDonald wrote a no-holds-barred dissenting opinion that exposed medical malpractice “cap” legislation for exactly what it is. He also appropriately challenged the state’s highest court to uphold its judicial responsibility and declare the statute unconstitutional on multiple grounds.

There has been some suggestion that his brilliant dissent may prompt West Virginia’s Supreme Court to reconsider the constitutionality. Better yet, perhaps the MacDonald medical malpractice appeal will be taken to the United States Supreme Court!