Warning Signs That a Commercial Truck Accident Is About To Happen (May 29, 2022)

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There are many warning signs that mean a driver may be about to cause an accident. Behaviors such as speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and tailgating are all examples of unsafe maneuvers that can cause a crash to occur. Commercial truck accidents in particular tend to be even more dangerous since these vehicles are so much bigger compared to other vehicles. The degree of injury and property can be substantial, and some may lose their lives in the wreckage.



Truck drivers may speed in order to arrive at their destination faster. But by doing so, they are risking the lives of those sharing the road. Commercial trucks can weigh more than twenty times the average passenger vehicle. A truck going too fast won’t be able to stop in time to changing road conditions.


Weaving in Traffic

You may have seen drivers doing this on the road, where they seem too impatient to wait behind others so they speed between them instead. This kind of behavior, especially when a commercial truck is involved, can quickly turn into a tragic situation where many cars become part of the crash. 



Following too closely behind another vehicle is a prevalent cause of car accidents. By not allowing enough space, a trucker may not have the same amount of time to react to traffic ahead. And because trucks are so heavy, they need more time to halt safely. A trucker who engages in tailgating with other cars may be the reason a serious truck collision happens.

Truck accidents are preventable, and as a truck crash lawyer from Waterman Law Centers would advise, it’s important to watch out for these warning signs to reduce the chances of finding yourself the victim of a trucker’s reckless driving.