After Car Accident On Road

After suffering car accident injuries caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be overwhelmed with the aftermath, let alone the steps you need to follow. Being taken advantage of by the opposition adjuster may be the last thing on your mind, but without the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer, you may not recover the maximum compensation you are owed. Being misrepresented by the opposition adjuster or being pressured to settle on a lowball compensation amount are common strategies used by insurance adjusters to help their own bottom line.

At Waterman Law Centers, your best interest is our priority, and we fiercely advocate on your behalf in the face of insurance companies trying to take advantage of you in a challenging time. We have recovered millions for victims affected by driver negligence and are determined to fight for the healing and closure you deserve.

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Talking to the Opposition Adjuster After a Car Accident

The aftermath of an accident may be devastating, and with so much on your plate, such as physical injuries, financial burdens, and emotional suffering, you want to ensure that you obtain the maximum compensation you are owed and that your legal rights are protected.

The following four reasons are why you should hire a personal injury lawyer before talking to the opposition adjuster after a car accident:

1. Your Personal Injury Lawyer Has Your Best Interest in Mind, Unlike the Opposition Adjuster

When you have suffered a personal injury from a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, it is essential to remember that opposition adjusters are not on your side. They are more concerned with protecting their insured offending driver and maintaining their profits than catering to your best interests.

An experienced Williamsburg personal injury lawyer understands this and enables you to fight for the compensation you are owed and protects you from being taken advantage. At Waterman Law Centers, our objective is to ensure that your legal rights are protected and that all information is accurate moving forward. For instance, if insurance companies are acting in bad faith, we will address it directly and fiercely advocate for you.

2. Your Involvement May Be Misrepresented by the Opposition Adjuster

Opposition adjusters understand that you are going through a difficult time and often try to take advantage of you. You may not understand the claims process or have general knowledge of personal injury cases, so there is a significant chance that your claim may be misrepresented. They may ask you to provide a recorded statement, and by asking leading questions, try to minimize or deny your claim.

At Waterman Law Centers, we understand the complexities of a personal injury claims process, claim presentation format and content, case valuation and negotiation, and other vital information that bolsters your chances of success. This is why opposition adjusters try to advise against retaining a lawyer.

3. Your Personal Injury Claim May Be Undervalued by the Opposition Insurance Adjuster

One of the primary reasons you should retain a personal injury lawyer before talking to an opposition adjuster after a car accident is that you may not be aware of the extent of damages you may be owed. Injuries may be latent or worsen, requiring more costly medical treatment, and resulting in disabilities.

To ensure your claim is not undervalued by the insurance adjuster, retaining the help of a skilled lawyer may ensure that you receive the medical treatment you need and may help you understand the extent of your car accident injuries and their long-term implications.

4. You May Accept an Offer Prematurely Before Understanding the Severity of Your Injuries

For all personal injury claims, the first offer you receive from an insurance adjuster is the lowest offer due to the fact that they want to pay out the minimum compensation possible. At Waterman Law Centers, we have 40 years of experience working with personal injury victims and have always obtained a higher settlement than victims negotiating with insurance companies alone.

If latent injuries surface or become more severe, requiring more medical care, and resulting in other accident-related losses, it may have devastating consequences. We help fight for the maximum compensation you are owed for complete recovery and closure.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer at Waterman Law Centers Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

At Waterman Law Centers, we understand the physical, emotional, and financial losses you may have experienced due to another driver’s negligence, and we fight to recover the maximum compensation you are owed. Insurance adjusters may take advantage of your circumstance, but we are here to help by providing you with the following:

  • Offer experienced legal guidance throughout the process, utilizing our 40 years of personal injury experience and award-winning legal strategies
  • Handle communications with insurance adjusters, negotiating fiercely on your behalf to ensure you obtain the complete compensation you are owed
  • Gather evidence through a comprehensive investigation into your car accident to demonstrate liability and acts of negligence

We are well-versed in the complexities of personal injury law and stand up to insurance adjusters who may try to undervalue your claim. We have won millions for victims of negligence, helping them obtain closure and recovery following their accidents.

Speak With the Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer at Waterman Law Centers

Working with a personal injury lawyer before talking to an opposition adjuster may help bolster your chances of a successful claim and obtain the complete compensation you are owed. At Waterman Law Centers, we fight for your legal rights and ensure that you are not taken advantage of. We have secured millions on the behalf of car accident victims and are determined to help you obtain the justice you deserve.

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