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A tractor-trailer accident lawyer in Newport News, VA from Waterman Law Centers, PLLC understands without a doubt that truckers play an important role in today’s commerce. They can be seen driving such hefty vehicles, carrying hundreds of pounds of products or goods to and from cities all across the globe. Despite their contribution, there are many dangers associated with driving trucks as big as these. A truck driver that is tired, untrained, irritable, or lacking sleep is more likely to cause an accident where there are critical injuries.

Here are some of the most common ways that truckers cause serious collisions:

Overloaded Cargo

There are limitations to how much weight can be packed on a single truck. In some states, interstate haulers are not permitted to exceed a gross maximum weight allowance of eighty thousand pounds. If trucker’s go above that limit, the weight may become too heavy to manage properly, risking losing control of the truck and hitting another vehicle or object on the roadway.

Improperly Packed

Trucks that are improperly packed may lose some cargo in transit, causing debris to fall off, which can potentially lead to a car accident. Based on laws, a truck driver is responsible for securing their load so that nothing falls into the path of other drivers. As your Newport News tractor-trailer accident lawyer in VA can explain, if the trucker failed to pack their truck in a way that was reasonably safe, they could be held liable for an accident victim’s injuries and losses.

Malfunctioning Brakes

The majority of trucks have air brakes, and are designed to halt a loaded truck within a hundred feet when traveling at a speed of around 35 to 40 miles per hour. But, when failures of the air brake system happen, these vehicles become a deadly force on the road. A truck driver may try to pump the brakes as recommended in order to stop, but because of these malfunctions it may be too late to prevent tragedy.

Trucker Fatigue

Truck drivers may be forced to go without proper rest and meal breaks. They may get this pressure from the company they work for or their co-workers. Whatever the case may be, truckers tend to be inclined to go against regulations in order to arrive at their destination in a quicker time frame. Unfortunately, despite the laws and rules that aim to keep truckers and the public safe, trucker’s are under too much pressure and it may be easy to give in and use unsafe driving habits.

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